Mishna 65B

Bava Metzia

Hebrew Translation 1 Translation 2 Translation 3
עושה he is doing
חכמים the Torah sages
הבא brings
וטול and take
הלוהו they loaned
מתני' teaching
מכר he sold to sell
את you
השדה field; open country; land; outdoors
ונתן and he gave
מקצת from a part
דמים value money blood; bloodguiltiness
ואמר and he said
אימתי when?
שתרצה that you'll desire
מעות money; coins
שלך your
על on; upon; on top of; against; with reference to; on account of
שדהו his field
אם if
אי if;whether not alas! woe!
אתה you
נותן he is giving
מכאן from here from now from this case; from this pasuk [it may be derived]
ועד and up to and until
שלש three
שנים years two
היא she
שלי my
שלו his
וכך and thus; and so
היה was, existed
ביתוס Baitos
בן son
זונין Zunin